Connected Platforms

Omni-Channel Commerce • Content Management
Mobile Solutions • Experiential Marketing

As customers and employees the gadget at your fingertips now governs your connectivity and anchors your communications. Moving from one device to the next demands seamless integrated experiences and we’re willing to bet that you seldom, if ever, consider what it takes to make all of that happen. It’s the platforms by the way…boom.

The platform serves as a backbone for each digital interaction and in order to integrate, it must communicate well with other platforms. If our years of experience in planning and executing projects from conception to technical implementation have taught us anything, it’s the importance of the whole picture. At FiveOut we offer a unique and holistic approach researching customer engagement and strategy along with those all-important platforms to ensure for success.

Omni channel Commerce

Stop me if you heard it…Commerce 3.0, Omni-Channel Commerce, Customer Engagement Platforms…the buzzwords are everywhere, but then so are your customers. Your job is to sell wherever they are and whenever they want. Our job is to make your job easier.

The customers of today have some pretty high standards and expect interactions to be on their terms. Purchasing practices have evolved in to a 24 hour 7 day a week travelling show of anticipations. Your brand needs to be along for that ride, no matter where or on what device and for crying out loud be prepared to engage, because connectivity is key. FiveOut has pioneered this space using multiple commerce platforms for utilization on the web, mobile devices and in traditional brick and mortar stores. We can help you connect with your customers and accelerate your conversions.

Mobile Solutions

Let’s face it, mobility is running the show now, calling the shots, wielding the power…you get the point. We all want the ability to be anywhere at anytime and have a connection. Mobile engagement secures that connection and at FiveOut we are constantly brainstorming the endless possibilities this encompasses. It’s a branding goldmine tapped directly in to the consumer population all day every day and it’s being utilized more now than ever before.

Your business deserves the potential connections that a mobile strategy can provide. Our team has the experts necessary to fulfill all aspects of the mobile realm from application technology, to design, to implementation. Our connection to you promises better connections to your customers…anywhere, anytime.

Content Management and Collaboration

Everything your customer sees and how they interact with your brand depends on the platform with which you present yourself. Consideration must be taken to meet the requirements of your customers as to how and where they are viewing your brand in order to present your business affectively. FiveOut implements platforms that are designed to adapt to a customer’s situation and provide valuable information based on that context. The variety of experts we have employed allows us to provide unique management systems to your specific needs and to offer them up in pretty packages that garner the desired attention.


Obtaining and retaining the consumer’s attention has taken on a whole new level. Attention spans are so short these days, that in order to get your customer to hear what you want them to, you have to use various forms of media. Interacting with brands through real life and digital platforms introduces new and exciting advertising options for your business. At FiveOut we use tools such as Augmented and Virtual Reality to fully immerse customers in to marketing events and allow for total engagement in the landscape of your story.