Marketing Messaging • IMC & GTM Planning
Sales Enablement • Strategic Media Planning

Marketing Messaging

Your message strategy is the foundation for everything you do. We’ll help you connect to your customers by creating content that supports meaningful interactive experiences with them. We’ll review and analyze all of the ways in which you communicate with your audience in order to develop a positioning statement, a value proposition, and key messages that address their needs.

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Successful organizations are strategic before they are tactical. An integrated marketing communications plan is an essential element in your marketing planning and sales enablement development. We bring together all of a company’s communication activities and channels – both internal and external – to develop an IMC plan that provides clarity, consistency, and maximum communication impact.

Go to Market Plan

Your organization’s go to market strategy is one of the most critical components of your marketing and communications plan. An effective go to market strategy ensures that you identify the right customer, with the right message, at the right time. We’ll combine all the key elements that drive your business and formulate a plan that links your business strategy with an exceptional customer experience.

Sales Enablement

In almost every business, it’s common to find a gap between the sales tools marketing creates and the sales tools sellers need. We’ll connect marketing with sales to ensure your sales team has the tools required to tell your organization’s story at each stage of the buying cycle, making them dramatically more effective.

Strategic Media Planning

The media plan – both paid and earned – is more than a series of disparate campaigns. Our expertise in media strategy ensures that the right combination of media platforms, including traditional and digital, suit your brand, product, or service and maps to your marketing objectives. Effective media plans don’t end with the buy. We’ll provide performance analytics, throughout the schedule, to optimize the plan to achieve the best results possible.

59% of Twitter users, obtain breaking news on this social platform and 28% of time spent online is social networking equal to nearly
2 hours per day.

– Pew Research

Social Strategy

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to see the potential here for finding new customers and engaging existing ones, but lucky for you, we do have social marketing geniuses, so we’re good. The key to a social strategy is to recognize the expectations and behaviors of social platform users as relationship enhancers and connection builders. This can be a lucrative marketing tool if used properly and only after you have determined your goals, set objectives, identified your customers and channels and crafted the proper message.

Cognitive & Predictive Analytics

Sounds fancy, but it’s basically educating your business to make better decisions. FiveOut analyzes different business functions to obtain an overview of your internal processes and how they translate in to the marketplace. What are your customer’s preferences? Are they loyal to your brand? Are there any gaps in communications? The research then leads to a predictive analysis to determine the buying habits of your customers; it encourages customer retention, minimizing attrition and in such increases your bottom line by streamlining your marketing efforts. So…it really is pretty fancy.