America First Credit Union

Transforming how a business does business by implementing the full Adobe stack in order to provide the right message at the right time to drive more revenue.

I have been very pleased with the professionalism and competency that the Sirius/FiveOut team has demonstrated throughout the project. They have been a catalyst for change in our organization’s digital transformation. I am proud to include the talented people at Sirius as a valued part of our team.

Doug Bailey
Director of Digitial Marketing

The background

America First Credit Union (AFCU) is the 5th largest credit union in the United States in terms of total membership and the 11th largest credit union in assets in the U.S., with 128 branch locations, more than 1,192,8000 members, and has over USD 15.9 billion in assets as of January 2021. 

 AFCU wanted to create a Digital Experience Transformation program that would modernize the way AFCU does digital business and how they relate to customers today. The program created a superior customer experience that can be tailored based on the digital relationship they have with their customers. That customer experience includes all touchpoints – including marketing campaigns (emails, text), social media, AFCU websites, and even physical branch experience. 

The challenges

  1. AFCU had no ability to measure Direct and Indirect Multi touchpoint revenue attribution.
  2. AFCU was unable to know customers and really needed visibility to both members and purchased audiences for attribution.
  3. No capability to do targeted marketing campaigns. AFCU needed to instrument all digital properties to measure member interactions, correlate this data to offline data, and then tailor the customer experience and marketing message based on this data.
  1. AFCU wanted to provide marketing intelligence into many new customer data sources such as mortgage data, auto application data, mobile app data, teller system, call center, and member surveys.
  2. They also needed to put tools in place to efficiently manage and consolidate social media pages and content, efficiently manage website content, and campaigns.
  3. There was no business-driven content management to allow for direct editing of their public website.

The solution

In order to successfully implement a data-driven strategy, FiveOut’s digital team took an analytical approach and started by bringing Marketing and IT together. The team began by reevaluating existing KPIs while also redefining the taxonomy that would help shape the future of the analytics solutions design. These changes would create the environment to make data-driven decisions possible within the company.

With this Analytics-first approach, we ensured the basic building blocks were in place for online data as we started on a journey incorporating Adobe Experience Manager (for the website), Campaign, Data Workbench (Analytics Ultimate), Adobe Target, and social.

The tech

  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • AEM Assets
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Adobe Analytics with Data Workbench
  • Adobe Target

The outcomes

America First Website
  1. Targeted content (homepage, etc.), plus content hierarchy based on rules
  2. Increased click-through conversion on homepage banners. Reusable components and platforms for other America First domains like their mortgage site, financial services. (e.g. easy capability to redo the mortgage site with better user experience!)
Analytics and Target
  1. Better analytics visibility into customer journeys allows us to tweak and optimize the online application funnel, which drives a TON of business
  2. A / B testing to optimize landing pages, content, and promotions
Email campaigns
  1. Higher conversion due to better propensity score modeling in Data
  2. Higher conversion due to better inbox placement rates. Prior to the Adobe stack implementation, with the prior software stack, AFCU was around 93% at inbox placement. Now they are at a whopping 99%!!
  3. Increased conversion due to testing for better rendering across
  4. Context-based email content – e.g. open email at the game,
    promotion is based on that context