First Financial Bank

Modernizing  a bank brand to attract young customers and maintain a connection with the past is how we approached the redesign, content revamp and development of the new First Financial Bank website.

The background

First Financial Bank is a regional bank serving the states of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee and is the fifth oldest bank in the United States. Offering a wide range of services for both personal and business banking, the bank was established with a large but older customer base and was looking for ways to expand its customer base and drive new offerings.

The Chief Marketing Officer wanted to change how the bank presented its image to its customers in order to reach new markets. He wanted to not only redesign the brand and website but rethink the content and the business areas that required focus in order to drive new revenue and capture more customers away from the new wave of fintech banks.

The solution

The first step in the solution was to take a hard look at everything on the current site and that the business was trying to accomplish. This included evaluating the customers’ needs, the content, and how the bank had changed since the last time they had revamped their site years earlier. From there we were able to consolidate and rewrite all the content and create a whole new customer experience. The new experience implemented a content management system to allow the marketing team at First Financial to easily update content without the need for IT.

In addition to redesigning the site, we implemented ActiveCampaign in order to deliver smarter and more personalized email experiences to First Financial Bank customers. This implementation allows First Financial Bank to easily communicate offers and important bank information through email while adding personalization to the campaigns. ActiveCampaign also allows First Financial to easily track campaigns success rates, build trust through clear communication, and drive revenue.

The outcome

Working with the marketing team at First Financial Bank we rethought all the content and how customers look for things within the context of a new experience. The goal was to simplify and modernize everything about the user experience, the content and how communication occurs with their customers.

At the end of the project, First Financial Bank’s marketing team was able to manage content directly on their site versus the previous process of having to rely on the IT department. This allows them to easily change offers, rates, and other customer-facing content allowing for a more agile approach to their business.

The ActiveCampaign implementation has enabled the marketing team to more easily reach their customers and measure the success of their messaging. This integrated with analytics allows them to track what messaging is working, what the conversion rates are, and how best to adapt their messaging for future campaigns.