Trustmark National Bank

Reimagining every aspect of the customer experience from messaging to design and the entire technology stack that drives it. Learn how we helped Trustmark transform its customer-facing presence to attract new customers and drive more revenue.

The background

Trustmark National Bank (Trustmark) has provided financial services to families, businesses, and communities in the Southeast for over 130 years. Trustmark focuses on providing personal and business banking, wealth, and risk management solutions and advice to their customers, all while maintaining outstanding customer service.

We helped Trustmark reimagine its customer experience and migrate three different public-facing websites into a single, consolidated website on the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Platform. This gives Trustmark and its subsidiaries the ability to easily maintain their website content and provide them with a platform to better track and report on customer behavior. With this information, Trustmark can create hyper-personalized experiences that deliver the right message at the right time to maximize conversions. We also configured Adobe Campaign to support Trustmark’s email marketing needs and integrated it with the new website.

The challenges

Trustmark wanted to revitalize the brand, appeal to younger customers, and streamline its products and messaging to create a more engaging experience. The main goal of the refresh was to find new customers and increase their product usage. In addition, the company wanted to improve its marketing outreach and search engine optimization practices to support these goals. To make this refresh a success, an overhaul of the brand’s messaging, content and designs was needed.

Trustmark’s legacy web content management system was difficult to use. It had limited ability to repurpose content and made Trustmark and its subsidiaries dependent on Trustmark’s IT team to make content changes. This resulted in a slow turnaround of content changes and new site features, including an inconsistent look and feel across site sections. Trustmark’s legacy platform also had limited user analytics and did not allow them to personalize the content on public websites. These challenges resulted in infrequently updated websites, not optimized for performance and did not provide an engaging customer experience.

The solution

To meet the many challenges of reimagining the brand experience, we had to work as an integrated team to focus the delivery of various workstreams required to deliver a high-quality customer experience.

The first step in this process was understanding the business outcomes that would make this project a success. With those identified, work began on rethinking the messaging and the organization of content within the site that would allow customers to find what they needed to accomplish their tasks. This process involved many iterations on the messaging as well as creating an information architecture and wireframes that laid out the site structure for everyone to review.

Meanwhile, work began parallel to bring up the Adobe environments needed for Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Target. These would be the foundation of the technology stack that would allow Trustmark to manage their content easily, analyze how their customers were using the websites, and personalize the content that would deliver targeted messaging based on the customers’ needs.

In the end, we created or extended over 50 different AEM components and templates using an Agile delivery methodology to address the project’s needs. This included an innovative location services component, a careers import process from iCIMS, a FAQ import process from Oracle, and marketing automation using Adobe Campaign.

The tech

  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Campaign Standard
  • Adobe Target

The outcomes

Some things are hard to quantify, but the new messaging and design revitalized the brand image with Trustmark’s customers, and projects trust a modern way of thinking.

Marketing now has direct control over the website, which allows them to quickly update content and provide up-to-date offers in a personalized fashion. This personalization helps drive greater conversions on the
bank’s offers.

Adobe Analytics helps provide a 360º view of Trustmark’s customers allowing the bank to understand past and present interactions across multiple channels like the call center, website, and social media.

The final component, Adobe Campaign, helps the bank deliver campaigns faster and in a more targeted way which leads to more conversions.