Independent Health Association

Independent Health accelerated their time to market by gaining direct control over the content on their websites and gaining a deeper understanding of their patients through the use of Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics

The background

Independent Health Association (IHA) has provided healthcare coverage for communities in western New York for over 40 years. IHA focuses on providing affordable access to health-related products and services.

We helped IHA implement three public-facing websites on the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Platform. The Adobe platform gives IHA and their affiliates the ability to more easily maintain their website content and provide them with a platform that enables them to better track and report on customer behavior and create highly personalized experiences for their customers.

The challenges

IHA’s legacy web content management system was difficult to use, had limited ability to reuse content, and made IHA and their affiliates dependent on IHA’s IT team to make content changes.

This resulted in slow turnaround of content changes and new site features, and an inconsistent look and feel across site sections. IHA’s legacy platform also had limited analytics and did not allow IHA to personalize content on the public websites. This resulted in websites that were infrequently updated and did not provide an engaging patient experience.

Independent Health needed a new platform that would help them move to the next level of engagement with their patients. They wanted to build a deeper connection and personalize content so that they could provide the most relevant content to their patients.

The tech

  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Analytics

The solution

To give Independent Health the control and insight they needed, we implemented Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to provide complete content management and ease of use. In addition, Adobe Analytics was installed and configured to better track patient interactions and experiences. Finally, we performed an Envision phase that consisted of workshops with key business and IT stakeholders to elicit and document high-level business goals, user personas, site features, user stories, and high-level technical architecture for the AEM website implementation. The Envision phase was the foundation for creating all the solution elements and integrations needed to migrate the existing websites to AEM successfully.

The outcomes

We utilized our Digital Foundation framework of reusable AEM components to kickstart the implementation and substantially reduce the implementation costs and time to market. Required features were first mapped to out-of-the-box components found in Adobe and our Digital Foundation framework. This allowed us to quickly determine whether the additional work needed was restyling, extending existing components, or building new ones from scratch.

The implementation of Adobe Experience Manager has enabled Independent Health to efficiently manage multiple websites from a single content repository. In addition, content can now be repurposed in different channels, all from a single source of truth approved by the IHA marketing team.

Adobe Analytics instrumentation across the websites has provided Independent Health with robust insight into their patient engagement. Eliminating the silos between websites provides IHA with a 360º view of their patients no matter what property with which they are interacting. Adobe Analytics allows IHA to put their patients in the context of what they are trying to do and deliver personalized messaging to them. As a result, patients find what they need when they need it, leading to a more rich patient engagement.